Let's have a one on one about your company goals and products!.

We Are Cleared For Government services

With our background in the Government we used data science to protect our nation with our cyber analytics department.

Machine Learning & Analytics

If you want to stay competitive and become a leader in your Industry it is very important to know your customer and business metrics. MySecunda can implement Machine Learning solutions into your business to take care of all your needs through the whole year from financial automated reports forecasting allocation.

A Global Business

We can do business anytime any place! In 2020 a year of unfortunate events have made doing business in person more of challenge we have solutions for that.

Your Security is our # 1 priorty

We know your identity is important so protect all your information like we do ours!

We connect with our clients

People first, project second we care about your business as much as you do!


We offer contactless Consulting you meet with one of our Data Scientist virtually or we can come to you! We give all of our clients a personal profile and login to submit documents and stay updated on they're business project status.

We process and turn any kind of data for our small business owners and enterprise corporate clients!

We implemet Business intelligence (BI) services to help companies gain deep visibility into their business processes and advance their decision-making with consolidated analytics.

  • Grow your relationship with us and your business at the same time by turning your data into insights.
  • We use Machine Learning techniques to market your business to eliminate customer churn.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?

Well we like to think of MySecunda as the netflix of business, why netflix you ask? Glad you did, so you know how netflix recommends good movies after you watch favorite show. Well we do the same thing with your data-decisons and business needs. We offer ways you could allocate your funds and save money on the beautiful road to business functioning systems woo-hoo!

If you are interested then we will have a consulation to talk about where you currently stand in both your personal or business goals. These days there is a lot of talk about forex,stocks and other investment terminology being thrown around what we call buzz words. Our platform will help you invest and build the financial model or business model you need with utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

Manage your business on the go!

We spend a lot of our time on our phones now days so we made it easy for you manage your profile on your smart phones and tablets.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Ai Cybersecurity bots.
  • We can handle your business no matter the place or the time with a smart phone or tablet.

We deliever business Projects we deliver on time!

Time is important and we understand that, So we make sure to gather all of the information we need to get your documents submitted and registered with Internal Revenue Services.

Your business is important to us!